YZ24 Strip Retinoscope & AC type strip retinoscope (KJ6A)

KJ6A AC Strip Retinoscope is an instrument for measuring the axial position of refractive errors and astigmatism of the eye:

KJ6A (2)

YZ24 Strip Retinoscope

KJ6A (1)

AC type strip retinoscope (KJ6A)

YZ24 Product Advantages

The filament can be rotated 360° and moved up and down, the positioning is reliable, and the brightness of the light belt is moderate;

·The axis of astigmatism can be determined quickly and accurately;

·The light can be adjusted into three ways: collection, divergence, and parallel;

·Automatic hang-up function to extend the life of the bulb;

·The lamp brightness is adjustable in two levels, S (strong) and W (weak).

KJ6A Product Advantages

Beautiful appearance, easy to operate

The filament can rotate 360 degrees and move up and down

Reliable positioning, adjustable light intensity

YZ24 Technical Parameter

Working distance


Band width


Light strip can be rotated


Lighting source

3V/2.1W halogen tungsten bulb

Power supply


KJ6A Technical Parameter

Illumination model


Lighting source

3V/2.1W incandescent bulb

Working distance


Light strip can be rotated


power supply

AC220V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz

Rechargeable Battery

Lithium battery, can be used for 2 hours when fully charged

net weight


Gross weight


KJ6A Combination Set (KJ6B+KJ8B)

Aluminum alloy outer box

Satisfy the user's multi-faceted examination of the patient, making it more convenient to carry on the visit

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