Product Description

High-definition liquid crystal vision tester (3D polarization function) for multiple visual function testing


ML-VFT23 supports two languages Chinese/English

Low-power LED-backlit LCD screen

Quick test function,

Support vision check for people with low vision

Common V-type ETDRS

Product Advantages

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1. Low-power LED multi-function LCD screen

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2. 3D polarization function

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3. The test distance is adjustable from 2-7m

4. HD display

HD high-resolution LCD screen with small dot pitch

The standard is more clear

5. Polarization function

Meet the needs of visual function training

6. Extended functions

Abundant extended functions, which can realize the docking of various hardware devices

7. Setting interface

ML-VFT23 has improved the parameter setting experience in order to adapt to the conditions of various optometry environments. After the user changes the setting parameters, the built-in software will quickly complete the calculation and generation of new icons and test patterns according to the new settings.

The test distance can be adjusted between 2 meters and 7 meters according to the actual needs of the user (the low vision check distance is set to 0.6-1.5 meters).

The red-green contrast can be adjusted in real time according to the test requirements.

Support screen saver and standby function.

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