Visual electrophysiology instrument BIO-2000

Product Description

1. The BIO-2000 visual electrophysiological examination system conforms to all relevant international standards (ISCEV). This instrument can objectively assess the condition of the optic nerve and retina. It can be applied to clinical ophthalmology, forensic identification, teaching, scientific research and preventive medicine

2 Pattern visual evoked potential PVEP> Flash visual evoked potential FVEP

Graphical give a withdrawal evoked potential G-CVEP> Graphical electroretinogram PERG

Flash electroretinogram FERG> Oscillating potential OPs

EOG> Joint inspection PVEP/ERG&FVEP/ERG

Patient File Management System >Statistical Analysis System

Product Advantages

212 (1)

Provide multi-color flash and true color various graphic stimulation modes: complete and powerful data archive and medical statistics system; program-controlled high-performance bioelectric signal amplifier has strong anti-interference ability, no need to shield; Windows Chinese system platform, mouse and keyboard operation , Full Chinese menu display; simple and fast operation;

Unique intelligent light metering system: it can measure the background light and flash intensity at the time, and adjust the light intensity attenuation caused by use. Guarantee the accuracy of the system measurement: (optional) automatic and fast curve analysis, Fourier analysis, spectrum analysis: Facilitate the establishment of standard values;

212 (4)
212 (3)

Provide eye position monitoring system (NEW) to ensure detection accuracy, high-resolution color report sheet can provide beautiful and detailed inspection results

Technical Parameter

Clinical application

An important method for judging diseases such as the retina and optic nerve by inducing and measuring ocular electrical signals for scientific research and teaching

Bioelectric signal amplifier


1k2k5k10k20k50k100k200k, 8 program control files are adjustable

Frequency response

Qualcomm is 0.1Hz1Hz5Hz30Hz75Hz 100Hz200Hz300Hz 8 gears adjustable

Short circuit noise (NL)

Low pass is 10Hz, 75Hz, 300Hz, 500Hz, 1.5kHz, 2.5kHz, 5kHz, 10kHz, 8 levels adjustable

Input impedance (LNI)


Common Mode Rejection Ratio (CMRR)


Flash frequency


Stimulating color light (CS

0.5Hz 1Hz 1.5Hz 2Hz. 3Hz 5 steps available

EOG stimulus

Five kinds of program control adjustable for white, red, blue, green and yellow

Stimulating color

0.1H, 0.5H2 1H. 1.5tz. 2Hz 5 steps adjustable, 15 seats red light gauge sound and color prompt

Stimulation frequency

Any color can be adjusted

Stimulus pattern

0.1Hz. 0.5Hz 1Hz 1.5Hz 2Hz 3Hz 5Hz. THz. 10Hz 15Hz. 20Hz 30Hz, 40Hz. 50Hz, 60Hz, 15 steps adjustable

Stimulation angle

Checkered, horizontal striped hibiscus, vertical striped grid, arc fan

Stimulating visual field graphics

1, 2, 3, 4, 5.6, 7.7 levels adjustable


TV, TP, BT, LT, RT, TB. LR cT, TL TR BL BR. 12 kinds of programmable adjustable

Check procedure

Automatic frequency predicate impedance test; automatic Yan Xie Liye analysis; automatic detection of flash intensity: cool pair to monitor the situation of the bank

Flash stimulator


1, PVEP, 2. FVEP, 3. GVEP, 4 PERG. 5. FERG. 6. EOG, 7. OPS, 8. PVEP/ERG. 9. FVEPERG, 10. G-CVEP

Graphic stimulator


Flash stimulator: 42 20mm (length) x 500mm (width) x 600mm (height)


Power Supply


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