Ultra-clear digital fundus imaging system TNF506

1. Extreme high-end imaging system

2. The fuselage rotates worry-free and flexible rotating the fuselage is convenient for shooting the peripheral retina with a maximum synthesis of more than 100 degrees of fundus

3. Extremely clear and fearless magnification 24 million times

Product Advantages

1. High-definition imaging operation is simple, small pupil switching, easy to take pictures

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2. Fast: Get the results of lesion analysis in 1 minute.Intelligence: Artificial intelligence automatically recognizes the disease at a glance. Specialty: Big data cloud computing helps case screening experts to review and see the doctor

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3. ◆DRO-DR4 classification ◆Recognition and segmentation of multiple lesions (microangioma, hemorrhage, drusen, neovascularization...)

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Technical Parameter

Type of shooting

Non-mydriatic color photo

Working distance Approximately 40mm
Minimum pupil diameter 3.3mm
Fixation mark Built-in fixation light (11 o'clock) + external fixation light
Image acquisition form External digital SLR system
Movement of the fuselage Swing left and right, swing up and down, pan forward and backward
Image Resolution 24+ million pixels L
Monitoring method Infrared monitoring
Focus method Split line assisted focus or auto focus (high configuration)
Dimming Stepless adjustment
data storage   Professional software
Voltage AC220V
Power 50/60Hz
size 540*340*680
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