SDK Medical Relieving Eye Fatigue Hot Compress

Various experiments have confirmed that if you continue to play with your mobile phone for an hour, the degree will temporarily deepen. If the mobile phone is played too frequently, the flashing light and shadow on the mobile phone will cause irritation to our eyes and cause eye fatigue. Most people are paying more and more attention to the maintenance of their eyes. Various physical therapies have learned a little more or less, especially the hot compress, which is the most well-known and used.

Product Description

Hot compress can make local capillaries dilate, accelerate blood circulation, speed up metabolism, and reduce inflammation, swelling and fatigue. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that hot compress has the effects of dredging the meridians, promoting qi and blood, dissipating blood stasis, reducing swelling and relieving pain; modern western medicine believes that the main purpose of hot compress is to expand blood vessels, promote inflammation absorption, relieve pain, promote local blood circulation in wells, and promote well stasis The absorption of blood dissipates, increasing local nutrition.

The hot compress can be operated at home or when traveling, so you may wish to try it. Regular application of heat to the eyes can relieve eye fatigue, eliminate dark circles and bags under the eyes. Eye health is related to the quality of daily life, so please don't ignore eye problems.

Hot compress

Product Advantages

1. It can promote blood circulation in the eyes: By applying heat to the eyes, it can not only promote blood circulation in the eyes, but also expand the capillaries in the eyes, so as to improve eye fatigue, eliminate dark circles and crow's feet, and relax the eye muscles.

2. It can eliminate eye swelling: hot compress can promote blood circulation and reduce swelling. If you find that there is obvious water swelling and pain in the eyes when you wake up early, or the eye bags are obvious, the eyes are congested and red, you can apply heat to your eyes, which can effectively improve these phenomena and relieve eye discomfort.

3. It can alleviate dry eyes: when applying heat to the eyes, it can moisten the eye surface and promote blood circulation, so it is beneficial to the recovery of meibomian gland function and can prevent dry eyes caused by meibomian gland dysfunction. Discomfort such as astringent pain. For dry eyes, often apply heat to the eyes, which can effectively alleviate the discomfort.

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