Portable Vision Screener Cvsx

The portable vision screener cvsx is used to quickly screen children and adults over 6 months of age. The 5.5-inch color touch LCD screen can quickly capture the pupils and complete the test within 1 second. Automatically test and display accurate readings, complete and accurate refractive information, automatically detect refractive problems, including myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and unequal vision. Long battery life, rechargeable lithium battery, 8 hours (continuous work) and 20 days (standby); a tight protective box protects the internal light, electronic equipment and moisture of the instrument.

Product Advantages

✦ Wide measuring range

Can detect refractive abnormalities such as pupil sizes, anisometropia, strabismus, amblyopia, etc.

✦ Data storage communication-efficient and convenient

It has fast running speed, large storage space, supports 4G network and is equipped with multiple data transmission interfaces, which can realize large-scale continuous screening.

✦ Long battery life, fast charging

Low-power design, large-capacity battery can realize 8 hours of continuous operation of the device, support QC3.0 fast charge.

✦ AI artificial intelligence

The GPU parallel computer hardware architecture supports deep learning technology and seamlessly connects to third-party AI platforms.


Technical Parameters

Suitable for the crowd

>6 months old children and adults

Measuring distance

100cm accuracy: ±5cm

Sphericity DS

Measuring range: -7.5OD~+7.50D Resolution: 0.25D Accuracy: ±0.50D

Cylinder degree DC

Measuring range: -3.00D~+3.00D Resolution: 0.25D Accuracy: ±0.50D

Astigmatism Axis

Measuring range: 1°~180° Resolution: 1° Accuracy: ±5

Pupil diameter

Measuring range: 4.0mm~8.0mm Resolution: 0.1mm Accuracy: ±0.1mm

Interpupillary distance

Measuring range: 28mm~85mm Resolution: 0.1mm Accuracy: ±1mm<0.5s

measure time


data transmission

USB3.0, WiFi, Bluetooth, SD card storage. HDMI, wireless transmission adapter

Display screen

5.5 inch touch screen

Battery life

>8 hours

Charging time

<3 hours

equipment weight


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