Ophthalmology Fixed Frequency Double Laser MD-960

The product uses 1064nm laser pulses to photoblast the tissues and is used for ophthalmic lens capsule incision, iris incision or resection.

Product Advantages

1: Nd:GdVO, solid-state frequency doubled laser, higher conversion efficiency, closed-loop control, more stable output power, confocal zoom,

2: The edge of the spot is clearer and the spot homogenization technology makes the spot more uniform

3: Precise focus, reduce the optical power density at the cornea, use a safer large-size touch screen, and operate more quickly

4: Support slit lamp adapter, fiber probe lamp multiple output modes 

Technical Parameter

Treatment light

Types of

Diode pumped frequency doubled solid-state laser




50mW~1200mW, adjustable in stages

Pulse Width

0.01s~3s, adjustable in stages

Pulse interval

0.05s~1s, adjustable in stages

Spot size

50um~500um, continuously adjustable

Aiming light

Types of

A semiconductor laser



Output Power

<1.0mW, adjustable in stages

Spot size

Same as therapeutic light

cooling method

Air cooling + TEC cooling

output method

Slit lamp adapter


Intraocular probe


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