Ophthalmic surgery microscope ASOM-610-3A

ASOM-610 (special use for ophthalmology) The original ASOM-3 (A configuration) operating microscope adopts apochromatic optical system design, optical balance technology, optical lens adopts Schott glass, multi-layer coating technology, good sealing, anti-mildew, image The distortion is small, the resolution is high, the optical attenuation is small, the color is natural, the three-dimensional feeling is strong, and the depth of field is large. The electrical appliance adopts modular design, with automatic alarm for limit and failure. Optional assistant mirror, camera, video, image analysis system; suitable for ophthalmology, ENT and other microsurgery operations and teaching demonstrations.

Product Advantages

1. The assistant mirror (optional) has the same magnification, the same field of view, and the same optical path as the main mirror

2. Turn on the focus and center, and the brightness of the lighting is digitally displayed

3. Foot controller, electric fine adjustment, automatic alarm for limit and failure

4. Brand new frame, compact, beautiful and flexible in movement


The Optical System

New optical system. ASOM-610 optical system is suitable for cataract and vitreoretinal surgery. The eyepiece brings a wider, brighter and clearer field of view with a greater depth of focus.

1. Excellent Red Light Reflection Effect

212 (1)

Under Ordinary Light Source

1 (1)

After The Red Light Is Enhanced

1 (2)

2. New Eyepiece With Adjustable Eyeglass Height

Bring a wider, brighter and clearer field of view with a greater depth of focus

3. Continuous Magnification

Electric and manual stepless zoom, the zoom window can clearly see the current magnification

1 (3)

Lighting System

1 (4)

The new red reflective lighting and new light source system enable ASOM-610 to reflect brighter light from the fundus. ASOM-610 uses a bright and sharp halogen lamp with good color reproduction. The projected light is softer to avoid harm to the patient's eyes.

Brightness adjustment digital display, simple and easy to use, you can choose the brightness level according to your habits.

1 (5)
212 (2)

Equipped with a spare bulb, which can be quickly switched during the operation

Technical Parameter


 Magnification 12.5X, interpupillary distance adjustment range 50~75mm, diopter adjustment +6D~-6D

Binocular Surgery Mirror

100% brightness 45º main knife mirror (optional 90º straight observation mirror or 30º~90º variable inclination main knife mirror)


6X, 10X, 10X, 16X (maximum magnification 25X)

Pitch angle


Coaxial lighting

Maximum illuminance of object surface 80,000lx

Large objective focal length

F=175mm (200/250/300/350/400m optional)

Motorized fine focusing range

50mm, focusing speed 1~2.5mm/s, 33s/full range

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