Ophthalmic optical coherence tomography ose-280

Product Description

1. Provide micron-level real-time, non-destructive, non-contact corneal, retinal tomography, and comprehensive software quantitative analysis functions, and truly meet the needs of ophthalmology clinical diagnosis in terms of application performance and operating efficiency

2. In order to conduct a comprehensive glaucoma analysis, OSE-2800SD-OCT provides two glaucoma scan modes, glaucoma spot area scan and glaucoma optic disc scan. Sampling points provide reliable information for early glaucoma detection and management.

3. Corneal linear high-definition scan high-definition scan, the five-layer structure of the cornea is clearly visible in the six-line scan of the anterior segment

The six-line scan obtains more data while obtaining a clear image, which is convenient for measurement and analysis.

Product Advantages

212 (2)

Excellent HD image quality

212 (3)

16mm eye canthus scan

212 (4)

Comprehensive macular and glaucoma analysis mode

212 (1)

Powerful pre-section analysis function

Technical Parameter


Frequency domain OCT

light source

Super LED, 840nm

Axial resolution

5μm (optical)

Horizontal resolution

15μm (optical)

Scan depth

2.1 mm

Refractive compensation range

-20 to + 20 diopters

Scan mode

HD linear scan (6 mm or 12 mm), area scan (6 mm x 6 mm), six-line scan, ten-line scan (X-Y: 5 x 5)

Optic disc:

Area scan (6 mm x 6 mm)

Anterior quarter

High-definition linear scan (6 mm) full angle scan (16mm), six-line scan

Minimum pupil diameter

3.0 mm

visual field

40° x 30°


Retinal thickness analysis; 3D view; En-face analysis; Progressive analysis; Deep choroidal imaging


Retinal nerve fiber layer analysis; ganglion cell analysis; cup-to-disk ratio analysis; glaucoma follow-up analysis; binocular contrast analysis

Anterior section

Manual measurement; corneal thickness analysis; corneal epithelial layer thickness analysis; whole chamber angle analysis

Other functions

Comply with DICOM standard; optional remote analysis software

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