Ophthalmic AB ultrasonic diagnostic instrument SDK180ABT

Intelligent recognition of anterior chamber, lens and retina

Automatic retest of large error array

A exceeds the measurement accuracy of 0.02mm

Intelligent recommendation of IOL calculation formula

IOL formula before and after refractive surgery in multiple groups

Real time adjustable detection depth

Real time comparison of frequency conversion emission

Movie playback frame by frame selection

Fine lesions are clearly visible

Automatic storage of inspection results

Customized case template – one key call

Built in PC small and portable

Humanized all Chinese operation interface

Product Advantages

✦ Accuracy of Measurement

Patent technology intelligently identifies echo of anterior chamber, crystal and retina, avoiding calculation error due to different sound velocity of tissue; The automatic re measurement function of the error is too large to avoid the measurement error caused by human negligence. In combination with the a-supermeasurement accuracy of 0.02mm, the ultrasonic measurement results of sdk/180/a.b.t diagnostic instrument a are accurate. In clinical use, the machine error was less than 0.05mm compared with IOLMaster in many hospitals.

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✦ Accurate Calculation

According to many years of clinical observation and a large number of literature reports, there is still a certain difference between the preoperative expected diopter and the postoperative actual diopter, resulting in a large number of postoperative ametropia. It is analyzed that the reasons lie in many aspects such as preoperative biometrics, selection of intraocular lens calculation formula and selection of operation mode. The intelligent recommendation function of IOL calculation formula is based on a large number of clinical statistical results of experts, and the diagnostic instrument automatically recommends the appropriate IOL calculation formula according to the preoperative biometric results of patients, To avoid postoperative ametropia caused by the selection of inappropriate intraocular lens calculation formula. At the same time, it also has multiple groups of IOL calculation formulas before and after refractive surgery for doctors to choose and compare.

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✦ It is Clear

Under the scanning state of B-type ultrasonic probe, the detection depth is adjustable from 20mm to 65mm in real time. When the DP is about 30mm, the image is magnified more than 4 times. Combined with the ultra-high gain of 105dB, the details of slight vitreous opacity, slight vitreous hemorrhage and retinal detachment can be clearly displayed.

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In the scanning state of B-type ultrasonic probe, the transmission frequency is adjustable in real time from 8MHz to 11mhz. When 11mhz is transmitted, the image is more delicate, and when 8MHz is transmitted, the echo signal is richer. The two-phase comparison can better observe the details of the lesion.

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✦ Humanization

Click the freeze key in the measurement process, and the instrument can automatically store the inspection results without other keys, which is convenient and fast; Movie playback function, - key playback check process, select pictures frame by frame. The case template can be customized and can be called with one click to save the time of writing cases; Built in industrial control PC, easy to operate and carry; The full Chinese operation interface is convenient for doctors to learn and use the machine.

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