Non-mydriatic + Contrast Integrated Digital Fundus Imaging System TNF507

The TNF507 fundus camera, through the combination of different filter systems, integrates the three functions of fundus angiography, fundus color photography, and fundus non-mydriatic color photography. It not only meets the daily needs of ophthalmology clinics, but also takes into account the needs of fundus screening. Equipped with high pixel resolution, SLR imaging system, excellent optical system, high-efficiency and high-quality fundus imaging solutions, to provide customers with clinically required fundus images.

Product Advantages

✦ Top pixel resolution configuration, giving customers an unparalleled detail experience.


The TNF507 fundus camera provides 18 million pixel pictures with an excellent optical imaging system. The picture is still clear after partial enlargement, which is very important for the diagnosis of small lesions.

✦ External SLR imaging system allows customers to easily obtain high-definition pictures


The TNF507 fundus camera uses an external SLR imaging system, which not only provides vivid colors and rich details, but also makes it easy to upgrade the instrument.

✦ High-pixel imaging, providing customers with unparalleled imaging details


When the TNF507 fundus camera is in fluorescence imaging mode, it can still provide customers with high-resolution and high-quality fundus imaging pictures. Even the tiny blood vessels are still clearly visible. At the same time, extremely low light exposure greatly increases the comfort and coordination of patients. Clear pictures, easy to get.

✦ Two types of color photos, including non-mydriatic and dilated color photos, are integrated in one


TNF507 fundus camera has both non-mydriatic color photography and mydriatic color photography. Fully meet the needs of ophthalmology professional fundus examination and fundus screening.

✦ Simple interface, simple operation, easy to use


The TNF507 fundus camera has a simple appearance and a rich auxiliary imaging system. The dual-dot assisted focus positioning system makes it extremely easy to use even for operators who have never used a fundus camera.

✦ Low flash shooting mode


When the TNF507 fundus camera is in low-flash shooting mode, it can still collect bright and clear fundus images with extremely low flash brightness, which greatly increases the comfort of the patient.

Technical Parameters

Imaging type

Color photo, non-mydriatic color photo, no red light, fluorescence contrast

Field of view angle


Working distance


Fundus observation method


Minimum pupil diameter

Mydriasis 4.5 mm, non-mydriatic 3.3mm (in small pupil mode)

Digital acquisition form

External SLR system

Acquisition pixels

18 million

Fixation light


Refractive compensation range


Auxiliary focus method

Double dot assist

Display method

Dual screen display

Base move

About 80mm before and after, about 100mm around

Adjust up and down

Up about 15°, down about 10°

Adjust left and right

Left 30°, right 30°

power supply

220V 50HZ

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