LED five-speed zoom slit lamp microscope ML-350

It can capture the patient’s eyes and body, leaving a good basis for the future work of the hospital. When the patient is diagnosed for the second time, the previous patient information and diagnostic information can be easily called out to improve work efficiency. In case of medical disputes, the previous diagnostic information and images can be used for comparison. Through high-quality CCD, image capture and process video recording can be realized.

Product Advantages

✦ LED light source, low working temperature, long service life, no need to change the lamp for 1 to 2 years, energy saving and environmental protection.

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✦ 14mm spot, large field of view, can observe the entire cornea and iris, without repeated movement or lifting.

✦ Stepless dimming, can choose the best observation light source brightness, improve patient comfort.


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✦ Database electronic medical record storage and management:

1. Establish the basic data and diagnosis conclusion of the patient. Comprehensive statistics, classified management and permanent preservation;

2. The medical record template function provides reference basis for diagnosis, and text input is easier;

3. Intelligent query of medical record image;

4. Export and backup of medical records;

5. Synchronous recording, storage and playback can be adopted.

Technical Parameters

Crack width

1-14mm continuously adjustable

Fissure height

Upper light source lighting

Lighting method


Fixation light

φ0.2mm, φ1mm, φ3mm, φ5mm,

Aperture size

φ10mm, φ14mm, φ1~14mm continuously variable diaphragm

Microscope type

Galileo Parallel Angle Type

Total magnification of microscope

6X, 10X, 16X, 25X, 40X

Eyepiece magnification


Eyepiece Angle Interpupillary Distance


Adjustment range


Diopter adjustment


Field of view diameter

25X (8.5mm), 16X (13.5mm),

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