LED eye chart light box 5 meters E

Product Description

The LED eye chart light box is based on the principles of energy saving, low carbon, environmental protection, and accurate detection.

It abandons the image of old-fashioned light boxes with a thickness of more than 10 cm, which is not uniform and easy to change color. It uses high-tech light guide technology. All procedures are controlled by a computer and completed by laser processing. The light board makes the light of the light box uniform, soft and bright. It is made of an ultra-thin modern light box that exactly matches the eye chart. The aluminum alloy frame can be opened and closed around. The visual surface board can be replaced at any time. sex. Using 12V DC power supply, low heat generation and low power consumption. The thickness of the entire light box is only 3CM, ultra-thin and exquisite, light weight, easy to carry; low power consumption, good brightness, no glare

LED eye chart light box 5 meters E

Product Advantages

1. Novelty and fashion, accurate detection: ultra-thin visual acuity chart light box, uniform luminescence, so that the contrast of light and dark of each visual target is consistent, the visual standard is made accurately, and the test result is accurate. It is convenient to replace the optotype, which solves the possibility of memorizing the optotype.

2. Energy-saving, environmentally friendly, durable: The service life of genuine LED light-emitting diodes is 50,000 to 100,000 hours, with low light decay and long service life; energy saving.

3. Protect eyesight, health and safety: DC drive, no flicker; no harmful elements such as mercury and xenon, no electromagnetic interference; safe voltage and current are small, less heat, and no safety hazards.

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Technical Parameter


LED eye chart light box


Standard word logarithmic eye chart

Power supply:

220V, 50Hz



Energy consumption:



2.5m test light box, 5m test light box



Reminder: It is strictly forbidden to directly connect the panel light to 22OV or 110V AC test power. The main board of the light box will be damaged if it is directly connected to the test power.

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