LCD eye chart (standard wall bracket) C901

Product Description

Unattended, Intelligent Screening

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✦ Gesture recognition

Intelligent recognition of the testee's gestures, without manual operation, automatically generates vision test results.

✦ Face recognition

The face of the subject can be successfully recognized after completing a vision test, and there is no need to enter patient information for follow-up review. Efficiently complete long-term myopia prevention and control work!

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✦ Automatic ranging

According to the direction of the display screen, the subject stood at a fixed point at 3 meters to measure.

Product Advantages

• Low-power LED backlight LCD screen

• 17-inch LED LCD display

• Vectorized icons

• Support WIFI wireless data transmission

• The screen brightness is not less than 200 cd/㎡

• Can test naked eye vision and vision with glasses

• Test distance 2-7 meters optional

Technical Parameters

Screen viewing area

17 inch LED LCD display

Working distance


Visual target type


Test mode

Quick mode, standard mode, custom mode

Entry information

Form import, scan QR code, face recognition

Gesture support

Up, down, left, right, OK gestures

Control method

Machine recognition, manual remote control

data transmission

WIFI transmission

Visual unit

Five point system, decimal system, LogMAR

Test result export

CSV file, third-party interface, WeChat push

Other functions

Random visual target direction, adaptive glasses for naked eyes, remote upgrade, anti-cheating

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