Interpupillary distance meterWB-1103D

Product Description

The interpupillary distance meter is a measuring instrument used to measure the distance between the pupils of the human eye in the process of refraction and fitting.

The measuring principle of the interpupillary distance meter is: the optotype illuminated by the light source is imaged at a certain working distance in front of the patient's eyes by the optical system. When the patient looks at the optotype, the visual axis of the left and right eyes intersect at this specific working distance. Distance. At this time, the light forms a reflective point on the surface of the patient's left and right corneas. The optometrist can see the reading hairspring and these two reflection points at the same time through the eyepieces. After moving the left and right reading hairsprings to the reflection points of the patient's left and right eyes, the patient's interpupillary distance can be obtained on the display screen.


The interpupillary distance meter verification device is composed of an adjustable worktable with a two-dimensional movement direction, and three standard sleeves with nominal interpupillary distances of 55mm, 65mm, 75mm, and the actual center distances of the three standard sleeves The deviation between the value and the theoretical center distance value should be controlled within 0.1mm.

The interpupillary distance meter verification device is equipped with two OD standard simulated eyes to simulate the reflection point of the target image observed from the pupil of the patient in the working state.

Product Advantages

By aligning the luminous point on the pupil with the measurement light, the measurement can be carried out in both single and double eyes


Technical Parameter

Dimensions (LxWxH)




Power Requirement

DC 4.2V

Effective measuring range:

Interpupillary distance between eyes 45-82mm

Left and right pupil distance:


Indication error


Rounding error


Measurable monocular target distance rot:


Automatic shutdown time:

Stop for about a minute

Package Size:


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