Intense Pulse Light Meibomian Gland Treatment Apparatus OPT

1. Meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD) is the main cause of dry eye in the dry eye classification. The dry eye affects the quality of life of hundreds of millions of patients worldwide.

2. These dry eye symptoms include pain, burning sensation, acupuncture sensation, red eye and blurred vision. At present, the treatment of meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD) mainly includes hot compress and meibomian gland massage. These treatment attempts sometimes fail to provide significant sustained therapeutic effects.

3. Opt optimized pulsed light has gradually become a new effective choice for MGD patients in recent years, and these patients often receive this treatment when other treatment options can not give sufficient treatment effect.

Product Advantages

OPT optimized pulsed light can treat the fundamental problems of MGD, which can significantly improve the quality of the ocular surface, the function of the meibomian glands and the symptoms of dry eye. The mechanism of OPT for MGD (dry eye) is as follows:

✦ OPT can eliminate abnormal blood vessels (telangiectasia). These abnormal blood vessels will release inflammatory mediators. When the inflammatory mediators are transmitted to the meibomian glands, they will affect the normal function of the meibomian glands. By removing the conduction of inflammatory mediators, the normal function of the meibomian glands will be restored.

1 (1)

Visible dilated capillaries before OPT treatment

1 (2)

Dilated capillaries are blocked after OPT treatment

✦ OPT can heat the meibomian glands through heat conduction under the skin, thereby improving the fluidity of lipid secretions in the meibomian glands, thereby improving the stability of the tear film and the quality of the ocular surface.

✦ Reduce demodex proliferation and upper eyelid bacterial load through OPT treatment, prevent the coagulation of eyelid esters, and eliminate another source of inflammation.

1 (3)

Prieto et al, 2002 found that mites coagulated in skin hair follicles after IPL treatment

In the 3-year retrospective study of Rolando Toyos, the treatment effect of OPT was significant:

1. After treatment, TBUT time was extended by 4.4 seconds (right eye) and 4.8 seconds (left eye), the difference was statistically significant; 86% of 78 patients had improvement in TBUT, 9% did not change before and after treatment, and 5% There were no patients with worsening in one eye.

2. 90% of patients improved in 3 indicators (94% of patients improved glands, 98% of patients improved eyelid margins, and 93% of patients were satisfied).

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