Intelligent computer refractometerFR710

Product Description

1. Fast: automatic tracking (up, down, left, and right), automatic focus (front and back) automatic measurement, automatic switching between left and right eyes, just one tap, about 20 seconds to complete the entire detection process.

2. Standard: The technical application of corneal peripheral curvature measurement and rotating prism measurement system to ensure the high accuracy and reliability of the data.

3. Stable: Double-ring large pupil area imaging technology is used, even if the eyeballs are shaking, the measurement can be completed without the need to open the eyes and feel tired (suitable for children and the elderly).

4. Beauty: The latest design in line with ergonomics and aesthetics is not only beautiful and generous, but also can be flipped 360 degrees with the true color touch screen to assist the examinee in any position to complete the inspection work.

5. Wisdom: Highly integrated automation, away from the traditional complicated lock operation gear lever, all operations can be completed only by tapping on the color touch mold control screen.

6. Strong: The enhanced version of the user data management system is blessed to continue to empower business operations.

Product Advantages

The touch screen can be rotated at will, automatically print the results and automatically cut paper, automatically measure the left and right eyes, Bluetooth communication, add user data management system according to the configuration of different models, simple and fast color touch control screen, just one touch, you can complete Automatic tracking of both eyes.

Technical Parameter

Measurement mode

R&K model

Measurement of refractive power and corneal curvature

REF mode

Measuring diopter

KRT mode

Measure corneal curvature

Vertex distance (VD)

0mm, 12.0mm, 13.75mm, 15.00mm

Refractive measurement

Global measurement range


Cylinder degree measurement range


Axis measurement range


Interpupillary distance measurement range


Minimum measurement pupil diameter


Corneal measurement

Radius of curvature measurement range


Axis position


Corneal diameter



9-inch touch LCD monitor

Built-in printer

Automatic paper cutting

Product specifications

Power saving method

1/5/10/20/40 minutes no operation automatic screen saver

Power parameters

AC220V; 50Hz 75VA

size and weight


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