Integrated automatic visual field inspection system BIO-1000

The B10-1000 type integrated full-automatic visual field instrument absorbs the advantages of international advanced models, adopts a highly integrated visual field inspection system formed by the integration of computer, light, machine, and electricity, and cooperates with the advanced and high-end configuration of the equipment to provide comprehensive Complete software inspection items and analysis of the six reports provided in accordance with international standards provide scientific methods for clinical glaucoma, fundus diseases, visual path injuries and neurological diseases, etc.

Product Advantages

*All-round real-time monitoring: Heiji-Krakau physiological blind spot monitoring, gaze tracking/head position tracking, automatic pupil diameter measurement, to help you effectively avoid the impact of pupil effect on visual field detection;

*Personalized design, accurate clinical analysis, accurate and quick inspection strategy: *Various classic test procedures, including international standard item report analysis


Technical Parameter

Inspection scope


Check distance


Background brightness white

White 31.5asb

Visual target brightness


Visual standard size

Goldmann Asia

Visual target stimulation time


Visual mark interval time

Standardization and adaptation according to patients

Check mode

10-2, 24-2, 30-2, 60-4, C-40, C-64, C-76, FF-81, FF-120, FF-135, nasal side

Special inspection mode

Esterman single eye, Esterman double eyes, custom test, driver's single and double eye inspection, upper 36° screening, blind spot measurement,

Pupil measurement


Fixation detection

Physiological blind spot monitoring, video monitoring of eye position

Ambient light detection


Analyzing Software

Reliability analysis, single report analysis, multiple report analysis, glaucoma hemi-field analysis, glaucoma progression analysis, VFI visual field index analysis

operating system

Win7 and above





power supply

100-240V frequency: 50-60Hz

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