Handheld portable non-mydriatic fundus camera FC161

1. The 9-point fixation position covers the fundus area of the 85° field of view and supports the early detection of peripheral lesions of the fundus.

45° field of view, shooting a single central fundus image can meet the needs of fundus disease screening

2. Multi-touch operation

The 4.3-inch full-touch LCD screen brings a more intelligent operating experience.

The doctor can zoom the image at any time to check the details of the fundus, and can also easily slide the screen to edit and view the case.

Through WIFI connection, it supports real-time synchronization of the fundus image with the computer. At the same time, the Mediview case management software supports the DICOM protocol, as well as the remote medical treatment of cases and central hospitals in many places.

Product Advantages

1. 12 million effective pixels, the details of the fundus image are clearer, and the early diagnosis of lesions is more accurate. 9-point fixation orientation, no mydriasis in the fundus area of the 85^ field of view, the smallest support φ3, 0 mm dark hole diameter shooting 4.3 inches full touch technology Medview case management system

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2. Compared with the traditional hand-held fundus camera using contrast focusing, the FC161 uses a faster split focusing technology with a focusing speed of milliseconds, which reduces the loss of focus of the fundus picture caused by the patient's micro-movement during the shooting. Effectively improve the image quality and reduce the requirements for the cooperation between the operator and the patient

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3. 12 million effective pixels, the details of fundus images are clearer, and early lesion diagnosis is more accurate. Detailed and clear high-definition pictures of the retina are necessary for the effective diagnosis of retinal diseases (such as diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and macular degeneration) by blood vessels. Optic disc

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Technical Parameter

Types of


Field of view angle


Camera pixel

12 million pixels

Sleepy point of view


Smallest pupil



Natural white LED & infrared LED

Diopter adjustment range



4.3 inch full touch LCD screen

Image Format


Picture type



Micro SD card supports up to 32G

Data transmission form


Case management

Case management view big picture, image zoom, left and right eye display

powered by

18650 rechargeable battery capacity: 3400mAh output voltage

operating hours

Continuous work for 3 hours



Power Adapter\

5VDC, 2A






Chinese English

Standard Accessories

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