Fully automatic die-free edging machine FC-600FE-600

1. Integrate optical scanning and center positioning

2. It only takes 3 seconds to accurately obtain the shape and size of the frame lining

3. Real-time imaging guide to confirm whether the best center position is reached

4. Automatically eliminate the influence of lens power, prism and artificial parallax

5. High resolution 800*600 true color 8-inch touch screen

6. Simultaneously connect two FE-600 automatic edging machines to form a machining center

7. Simple operation, low failure, and maintenance-free

8. All ADV series edging machines only need to be upgraded simply to connect with FC-600 scanning center

Product Details

2 (1)

● Can process lenses of various materials, quickly edging and forming

● Can polish sharp or flat edges

● A variety of grinding methods and pressure options to meet the needs of different lenses

● With online function

2 (2)

Technical Parameters

Wheel configuration and function

Integrate center scan center positioning into one

Two machines can be connected to form a machining center at the same time

Graphics storage function

Graphic editing function

Graphic rotation function

software upgrade

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