Eye surgery system CV-9000R/CV-9000 (Phacoemulsification surgery system)

1. All accessories support high temperature and high pressure sterilization

2. All Chinese touch screen operation interface

3. Support 3.2mm-1.8mm surgical incision

4. Ultra-light titanium gold high-efficiency ultrasonic handle

5. Ergonomically designed multifunctional pedal

6. Stable and efficient six-roller design peristaltic pump

7. Negative pressure sensor detects 1000 times/minute, and calibrates negative pressure 100 times/minute

8. Six ultrasonic working modes: continuous, pulse, incremental, blast, VIS, and APS Plus, with customizable surgical parameters

Product Advantages

✦ Reusable injection suction (I / a) pipe group

The reusable injection suction (I / a) pipe group can be sterilized at least 10 times under high temperature and high pressure, reducing the use cost.

✦ Multi language display

A total of nine settings and surgical languages are provided to enable surgeons and staff to work in their native language. During setup, the navigation mode will guide the operator through the entire procedure.

Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

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✦ Mics (coaxially small incision cataract surgery)

The incision can be as small as 1.8mm, which reduces the risk of complications, such as astigmatism and thermal burn.

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✦ 10.4 inch intuitive touch screen

The 10.4-inch touch screen and intuitive graphical user interface can realize convenient and fast operation. Just touch the icon and the corresponding window will pop up, allowing the operator to activate the function and customize the parameters.

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✦ Multifunctional pedal

The multi-functional foot pedal can define functions, and the change of working mode and the height of filling bottle can be adjusted by foot pedal.

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✦ Lightweight handle

The weight of the handle is only 57g, which can be easily held by doctors, and can avoid overwork caused by long-time work.

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