Eye surgery microscope SOM2000D

SOM2000D surgical microscope is an advanced double binocular surgical microscope. With stepless zoom function, foot control adjustment, clear image, can meet the needs of eye surgery.

Product Advantages

1: The optical system adopts the current international advanced apochromatic, optical balance technology, good binocular fusion, strong three-dimensional effect, and good color reproduction;

2: The electrical components adopt modular design, and the instrument has fault self-diagnosis function, which is easy to maintain;

3: The whole machine adopts the space balance system, and the microscope lens and mirror arm can be pushed and pulled easily in any direction;

4: With good extensibility, teaching mirrors, camera devices and image systems can be added.

Technical Parameter

Eyepiece magnification


Objective focal length


Working distance


Main mirror magnification

4.6× ~ 27×,Electric/manual continuous zoom

Secondary mirror magnification


Field of view diameter

φ46mm ~ φ8.5mm

Diopter adjustment range


Interpupillary distance adjustment range

45mm ~ 80mm

Highest resolution


Assistant mirror independent focusing


Lighting source

12V/100W,Cold reflective tungsten halogen bulbs for medical use

Type of lighting

6°+0°Cold light source coaxial illumination and 26° oblique illumination


Insulation film, black spot film (macular protection)

Coaxial illumination object surface illuminance

≥60000lx, level 1-9, panel/brightness control

Oblique illumination object surface illuminance

≥60000lx, level 1-9, panel/brightness control≥60000lx, level 1-9, panel/brightness control

Cross arm extension radius


Vertical adjustment range (ground to large objective lens)

800mm ~ 1240mm

Fine focusing speed and stroke

≤2mm/s,Five gears adjustable ,50mm

X/Y coordinate device moving speed and range

≤2mm/s,Five gears adjustable ,50mm×50mm





Electrical safety standards

Executive standard GB9706.1-2007, Class I

Package volume and number of boxes

0.769m3, 5 boxes

Total Weight


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