Eye surgery microscope SM-1000L

Optional OLYMPUS or GOOL primary mirror

1. Wide field of view, large field of view binocular microscope, strong three-dimensional effect, good depth of field

2. Imported motor, low noise, stable and reliable

3. The binocular observation angle is 30°, which is more comfortable during operation

4. Optional hanging assistant mirror

5. Imported lighting bulbs with good brightness

6. Concise design style, suitable for outpatient and operating room

Product Advantages

1 (1)

OLYMPUS SZ series primary lens has higher resolution, OLYMPUS SZ series primary lens has higher resolution Better depth of field

1 (2)

The red light reflection of the aspheric condenser is better and the operation is safer

1 (3)

30° binocular observation mirror

1 (4)

0-90° binocular observation mirror integrated camera device

1 (5)

Double lamp design, easy to switch, simple panel, easy to use

1 (6)

8 function foot switch to meet the needs of surgery

1 (7)

Independent three-dimensional same-light path assistant mirror

Technical Parameters

Microscope part



Main mirror

OLYMPUS® original primary mirror (or GOOL primary mirror)


10X wide angle

Observe the slope


Pupil distance


Diopter adjustment

±5D (binocular)

Objective lens

φ45 mm



4X-20X continuous zoom

Manual continuous zoom

Visual field


Working distance



±20mm foot control

Assistant mirror magnification

Optional accessories: 7X

Lighting system


Light guide fiber

light source

Dual lamp 15V/150W imported halogen lamp

control method

Stepless dimming


≥ 60,000Lux

power control

~220V, 50Hz

Cross arm extension length


Base part

Up and down adjustment range


Foot switch

Electronically controlled zoom

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