Corneal topographic image digital system instrument CT-6

The CT-6 corneal topograph is used to measure the curvature distribution of the cornea, and can be widely used in related medical institutions, optometrists, and scientific research institutions. It is small in size and easy to operate, providing doctors with the data they need. CT-6 corneal topography instrument can realize automatic or manual measurement mode, multiple formats of corneal topography, capacity patient database, database operation is simple, general corneal morphological parameters.

10440 measuring points, the number of Placido rings is 33 rings and the measuring range is 9-11mm. The small cone design eliminates the shadow and low-brightness rings on the nose and forehead and eyebrows, and improves the comfort of the patient.

Product Advantages

1 (1)

Establish and manage patients for easy search.

1 (2)

You can get four pictures in one shot, choose a clear picture to use.

1 (3)

The software can provide four types of images: axial view, tangential view, front surface height map and refractive power difference map

1 (4)

The corneal ruler can automatically measure the diameter through the center of the cornea

1 (5)

The value is simple and easy to read, and the angle plastic fitting is worry-free

1 (6)

One-key transmission, remote diagnosis.

Technical Parameters

measurement method           Placido cone
Radius of curvature range 5.5mm-10.0mm
Measurement coverage 9mm
Refractive range 33.75D~61.36D
Placido ring number Ring 29
Number of measuring points 10440
Mean deviation of curvature radius ±0.03mm

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