Contrast Sensitivity MeterRM800

Product Description

1. The traditional visual acuity inspection uses a black and white visual index (eye chart) to check the visual resolution, and it is impossible to measure the vision's ability to distinguish different contrasts.

2. In ophthalmology, it is hoped that the function of the refractive part of the visual system and the function of the retina to the brain information processing system can be measured and evaluated separately. However, the visual acuity chart measures the vision of the entire visual system.

3. Avoid using laser as a light source to test the contrast sensitivity of the human eye.

The RM800 contrast sensitivity meter introduces the contrast transfer function into the visual system to detect and evaluate the image quality of the human eye. This instrument is composed of optical system, mechanical structure, electronic circuit and single-chip electronic computer. It is a new type of optical-mechanical-electrical integration inspection instrument for visual function. The instrument is operated through a computer man-machine interface and realizes an automatic inspection mode. At the same time, it can store and process the information of the visual function, and can also conduct remote consultations through the network. It is an information project of optometry medical technology.

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Product Advantages

1: Fully automatic touch screen control, convenient and intuitive operation.

2: The data measured by the patient is saved in real time.

3: According to the obtained data, the analysis can be directly reflected on the IVA and CSF curves.

4: Can be used for glare test.

5: Interference fringe vision (retinal vision) can be checked separately for cataract patients.

6: The contrast sensitivity of the retina of cataract patients can be checked in sections.

7: Patient data printing, printable reports can be issued.

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Technical Parameter

1. Spatial frequency range:

1.8; 3; 6; 12; 18; 24 (Unit: CPD) High-frequency visual standard required by special groups such as the military: ≥24 (Unit: week/degree)

2. Dark adaptation test:

50S, 6 gears are available.

3, the whole distance measurement:

Near section: 0.4 meters Middle section: 0.8 meters 1.5 meters Far section: 5 meters

4. Contrast sensitivity measurement interval:

9 levels (1%/6%/9%/12%/20%/30%/45%/66%/100%)

5, simulated environment test:

Bright ring (standard) Dark environment / turn glare on and off.

6. Glare stimulation:


7. Visual standard form:


8, graphic report:

Sine bar optotype

9, information storage:

Can carry out fast computer graphic report printing.

10. Computer:

The data information is stored in a single machine, and the information of any person can be accessed in real time for comparison before and after.

11. Printer:

Standard configuration All-in-one computer

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