Comprehensive combination optometry table ML-400

It is mainly used for binocular function and refractive error inspection. It is more effective and convenient in operation than using trial frames.

1. All the lenses are top quality optical lenses and all lenses are well coated, it can eliminate the reflection and make the imaging more clearly and truer.

2. The whole parts are made of aluminium,stainless steel,it makes the phoropter more reliable and lengthen the life.

3 .The Cross Cylindrical Lens can move smooth and locate accuracy.

4 .There is Cross Piece lens in the auxiliary lenses, it can help the optometrist find the center of pupil easily.

5 .The green lens and red lens can work properly, it can help the optometrist to measure the stereoscopic precise.

6 .The unique butterfly shape, no worry about the patent in sales.

7 .Designing of gloss on the surface of the knobs, it looks graceful and high grade.

8. There is dust proof lenses at the Examination Aperture, it is convenient to install, it can help cleaning the inside lenses easily and dustproof.

Product Advantages

1 (2)

Efficient and Convenient

The required lens can be quickly changed through a simple knob, especially suitable for complex subjective refraction.

1 (3)

Protect the Lenses

All lenses in the refractor are in a closed state, so you don't have to worry about staining the lenses.

1 (4)

The main inspection function

It is used for binocular vision and refractive error inspection. The operation is more effective and convenient than using the trial frame.

1 (5)

Fast and Accurate

Fast, accurate, error-free, precise optometry instrument, exquisite workmanship, and high accuracy rate.

1 (1)

✦ Concise and atmospheric design

✦ Easy to use and accurate measurement

✦ Unique night vision function design

Technical Parameters

Spherical degree measurement range

+16.75~-19.00D, grid value: 0.25D

Cylinder degree measurement range

-6.00D~0.00D, grid value: 0.25D

Cylinder axis measurement range

0°~180°, reading every 5°, can be estimated to 1°

Prism measurement range

0∆~20∆, grid value: 1∆

Interpupillary distance (PD) measurement range


Measuring part


Structure and composition

Composed of the body (inspection disc, forehead leaning and assembly engine), and myopia test card

product weight


Rotating prism measuring range

0°~360°, there is a reading every 5°, should be estimated to 1°, the prism base can be marked horizontally or vertically.

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