Cassette steam sterilizer SK-2000

1. From the beginning to the completion of the entire sterilization process, the shortest time is 6-7 minutes. Compared with traditional sterilizers, the time that medical devices are exposed to high temperatures is shortened, thereby prolonging the service life of the devices.

2. There are 3 sterilization shortcut buttons, and the temperature and time of each button can be set freely by the user according to actual needs.

3. When the water quality is unqualified, water shortage, etc., it will alarm and prompt. In the case of low temperature and low pressure during the sterilization process, the system will automatically stop running, and error messages will be displayed on the screen and printed.

4. Small size, light weight, wide applicable environmental requirements, easy operation. The sterilization box itself is a good vehicle.

The equipment can be temporarily stored and transported, so that it can be used immediately after it is destroyed.

Product Advantages

1 (1)

Easy to Operate

1 (2)

Chinese Language Operation

1 (3)

The standard printer can record the sterilization process.

1 (4)

The ultra-thin wall design of the card box makes heating and heat dissipation faster

1 (5)

0.22 micron biological filter

Technical Parameters

Equipment size 570×415×170 mm
Sterilization box size (inside) 280×180×38 mm
Volume 1.8 liters
power 1.3kVA
power supply AC220V±10% 50Hz±1Hz
Higher working pressure 242kPa
Higher working temperature 138 degrees
Equipment net weight 29KG
Weight after packaging 41KG
Equipment parts The main components are all imported, durable and reliable

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