Automatic refractometer FKR-8900

Refraction is to check the concentration of light after entering the eyeball. It uses the state of emmetropia as the standard to measure the difference in vergence and dispersion between the examined eye and the emmetropia. Since many people will become attached to glasses almost in their lives, optometry is one of the most basic, most commonly used but important jobs for optometrists. Therefore, as far as the term optometry is concerned, in social life, regardless of Ophthalmologists, or ordinary people, are very familiar.

Product Advantages

1. It integrates optometry/corneal curvature measurement functions.

2. Leading optical technology, good measurement consistency, to ensure accurate and reliable measurement data.

3. The most advanced image processing technology makes the image clearer and the measurement speed faster.

4. The humanized auxiliary focus ring function makes the focus capture faster.

Technical Parameter

Measurement mode

K&R model

Measurement of refractive power and corneal curvature

REF mode

Measuring diopter

KER mode

Measure corneal curvature

CLBC mode

Measuring the curvature of contact lens base arc

Refractive measurement

Vertex distance (VD)

0mm, 12.0mm, 13.75mm, 15mm

Spherical degree

(-20.00~+20.00) D (0.12/0.25D step length) (VD=12mm)

Axis position

1°~180° (step length 1°)

Interpupillary distance range

45~85mm (precision 1mm)

Minimum measurement pupil diameter


Visual standard

Automatic cloud map

 Corneal measurement

Corneal radius of curvature

5~10mm (0.01mm step length)

Corneal refractive power

(33.00~67.00) D (0.12/0.25mD step length)

Corneal astigmatism

(0.00~-15.00) D (0.12/0.25mD step length)

Axis position

1°~180° (1° per step)

Corneal diameter


 Product specifications


5.7 inch LCD monitor

Built-in printer

Imported thermal printer

Power saving method

Automatic screen saver without operation for 5 minutes

power supply

AC110~240V; 50/60HZ

size and weight


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