Amblyopia, Strabismus, Myopia Training, Eyesight Enhancer Model 19

Microcomputer chip control, super-large grating CAM visual function, visual target image is deep, visual lens is optical lens, interpupillary visual standard adjustable, LED cold light source after image, red flash, after image, low frequency pulse, visual stimulation CAM , Fusion training. Treat amblyopia, accommodative myopia, strabismus, hyperopia, and relieve asthenopia in adolescents. The instrument has complete functions, simple operation and remarkable curative effect. After years of clinical verification, the instrument is safe and reliable without any side effects. The effect of treating amblyopia and strabismus is very outstanding.

Product Advantages

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✦ Automatic timing function

After you select the training mode you need, the program will automatically preset the time

✦ Interpupillary distance adjustment

According to the child's eye condition, the distance between the eyes can be adjusted appropriately, which is convenient and convenient.

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✦ Red light therapy 

Use visual target adjustment to train fusion function and stereo vision

Facing accommodative myopia

Regulate ciliary muscles and eliminate visual fatigue.

Facing amblyopia

Stimulate the development of cone cells and improve central vision.

Face squint

Training three levels of visual functions: simultaneous, fusion, and three-dimensional.

✦ Grating treatment

Grating therapy can stimulate the optic nerve and improve vision problems.


When doing grating treatment, it is recommended to do the treatment under the condition of good light. Turn on the grating switch (0 position) and the grating plate on the right side of the instrument starts to rotate slowly. It is not recommended to do grating training for myopia.

✦ Afterimage therapy

Improve the visual function of the macular area and turn the paracentric gaze into the center gaze.

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Technical Parameters

Product Name

Sight-enhancing device

Product number

PBH-19 type

Registration number input voltage: AC220V
Structure and composition : PBH-19 type product is mainly composed of host and eye mask, pulse width <1ms, pulse amplitude <25v, red illumination: 197Lx, white illumination: 671Lx
Scope of application This product is suitable for the treatment of amblyopia, accommodative myopia, and strabismus in adolescents

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